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Happy Presidents’ Day

February 18th, 2008 by Eugene Wei SVP, Audience

We at Hulu want to wish all of you a Happy Presidents’ Day. This year more than others, this day has special meaning given the the high profile presidential race in full swing. During the past several months, the competitions for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations have surfaced many names of Presidents from U.S. history.

As the country waits to see who will occupy the Oval Office next, we revisit some men who’ve held that seat in decades past. Watch these historic episodes of Meet the Press, from John F. Kennedy in an unrehearsed press conference the day after he announced his candidacy, defending his faith, among other things, to Ronald Reagan during his first, and unsuccessful, bid to win the GOP presidential nomination in 1976 to Bill Clinton speaking on Iraq while in office, and one will hear echoes in much of the political rhetoric today.

Eugene (eugene.wei@hulu.com)

Last comment: Mar 18th 2008 2 Comments
  • Michael Cleveland says:

    These were terrific! I especially enjoyed hearing Bill Clinton speak again. With all of the rhetoric flying around, sometimes we forget what an able President he was.

    Hulu is awesome.

  • Janice Gasaway says:

    Hi Eugene,
    Just checking out Hulu….and what’s new. I really like the “Meet the Presidents!” Great idea and very well done. Seems like the Hulu team is pretty awesome!

    Janice Gasaway
    (Jamie’s mom)