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Hello Hulu beta users – we’re excited to announce that starting today you’ll be able to invite your friends to join the Hulu private beta. All beta users will have 10 invites to send out to whomever you want. To send an invitation, just click the Invite a friend link at the top of the page, enter in any email, and then click the submit button. Your friends will then be sent a personal invitation to the site where they can find and enjoy hit television shows, movies, clips, and more.

We hope you’ll spread the word about Hulu so we can continue to gather feedback to improve our service. We’ve certainly learned a lot from the tens of thousands of comments, suggestions, and emails you’ve sent us and we look forward to hearing more of what you and your friends think. Drop us a line at anytime.


45 thoughts on “Invite your friends!

  1. I read about Hulu in the daily newspaper and recently began viewing some of my favorite programs. But I wish to comment on one in particular – Firefly. I LOVE this show. I was glad to see that it is listed as “popular” show. The site is really user friendly and terrific looking. I especially like the look of the streaming video. Great idea! By the way, could you pass on the word to whoever will listen that Firefly is one of the best shows to come along since MASH and to please bring it back. Thank you.

  2. I just want to know why this site isn’t available in HONG KONG? Why are all these great shows given only to the U.S. and no one else? Please, let other countries such as HONG KONG enjoy the privelege of watching & joining this AWESOME SITE!!

  3. sorry but i cant get my password in your great web, tell me how to do it. Thanks

  4. Dear HULU executives,

    I am wondering when or if you will be adding Crossing Jordan. I was a fan of the show and NBC took it off the air a year ago. It has not been release to DVD, and while it plays in the mornings and afternoons on A&E, I am not home at that point. Can you get it on here, so I can catch up? I am lingering on season 5, most of the episodes I have missed, and all of season 6 (due to alot of work I have had to do). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE brig Crossing Jordan to its fans here on HULU!!!
    BTW, this site is great, with clear and amazing picture!!!

  5. With all the great feedback I can’t wait to get on hulu. The interface from the SuperBowl Ads already seme superior and far more sophisticated than other online video websites.

  6. Are invites still limited to the US? I have quite a few friends that I’ve told about Hulu that are in Canada.

  7. So, what does it take to get an account here? It’s like asking for a bar of gold or something. Been trying for almost 4 months now. :(


  8. What the hulu’s going on here? I was just telling a friend about the site. Come back to visit and all of the shows are disappearing.

    I thought the idea was to attract people to the site not create reasons to complain.

    Old conversation with friends:
    You should check out hulu. It’s a great site. I’ve spent hours there watching old shows and catching up on shows like the Family Guy. I didn’t realize how funny that was. You should check out the site.

    New conversation with friends:
    Sorry, I was going to send you that funny clip that I saw on hulu. I wanted to put it on my blog, but the clip is missing. I went to find that funny episode of Family Guy and the Office I was telling you about, but they’re gone. They do have more ads though. Oh…and by the way, they have some clips of former Presidents. Maybe I can put that on the blog.

  9. I love the idea of the site and had been talking it up to friends for a while. Then Hulu “blocked” my account. Now if I want to watch anything I have to reset my password to get in. I have sent multiple e-mail’s to hulu to try to fix it but haven’t heard anything back from them.

  10. Having problems logging back in. Worked fine the first week I used it back in January, but now do dice. Tried to get a new password sent to email, but after hitting “submit” the email from Hulu never shows up. And Yes, it’s the same email addy I used to sign up with because the invite is still in there.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  11. ninu,
    This is hulu, the site I was telling you about. I know you will enjoy it as much as I have been.
    love you,

  12. he I signed up for the hulu beta a while ago but havnt been e-mailed.

    Just wondering if anybody would be so kind as to invite me.

    Thanks :)

    this web site looks great and cant wait to send feedback!

  13. I definitely have to invite some friends to this site. Hulu is my favorite website to see TV shows online. The other one have too many bugs and annoying advertisements.

  14. hello, I put my e-mail in for the beta testing a while ago but never got a response.

    i was just wondering if anybody could send me an invited

    my e-mail is:

    thanks. this site looks great,
    cant wait!

  15. Please, make it worldwide. Really. Please. Begging you on my European knees. I have written one hearthbreaking mail, but I don’t know if you have read it. I don’t want to use torrents. I want to stop illegally downloading from rapidshare. I can’t. Give me one place where I can watch the latest episodes of Prison Break. Or any from hundreds of Simpsons. Or the whole Galactica. Or LOST (OK you don’t have abc on board but anyway). Please.

  16. How many people are selected for this site. I logged in a request about three months ago…is the waiting list that long?


  17. Please make the videos available to the rest of the world. We are starving. And it kills the idea of internet.

    Regards from germany.

  18. Hey – great looking site – sadly, none of the video would work for me. guess I’ll try again sometime. in the meantime, tvguide video and comcast on-demand seem to have pretty much the same selection. I suggest the following – limit the flyout boxes so they don’t obscure the clickpoints. Also, my personal experience with tv and movies is the difficulty keeping organized: perhaps some type of spreadsheet checklist could be added for users like me to keep track of what we’ve watched – there’s too many shows to remember. Anyway, I hope you get the site up and running soon.

  19. I signed up for the beta sometime last year and have patiently waited to get on the list. Shouldn’t the people that have been waiting in line get first dibs?

  20. Loving HULU! When I embed programs on my blog it makes me feel like a program director at an affiliate station, if you will.

  21. How about allowing people outside USA to use hulu? It shouldn’t be so difficult to do it in such a long time…

  22. Excellent Idea, It worked well for g mail and hopefully it will do the same for hulu. Does the friend who joins also get 10 invites?

  23. I absolutely love Hulu and all the great improvements you have added. I haven’t watched TV in over a year (why pay for 200+ channels with nothing on them…) and was watching my favorite shows online on the network sites. But their sites are so overloaded with ads/useless content/extra flash scripts which slowed the video stream to a crawl (and ironically, it was worse during their commercials).

    I love how clean and simple your interface is. I even think the ads on here are more effective, it keeps the viewers centered on one brand throughout a show, but not annoying them with over saturation – just enough to be memorable. And the older shows you’ve brought back – awesome!

    The playlists are wonderful as are the last playback, start/stop embedding, and full screen features. I’m definitely inviting my friends to your site – I’ve talked about Hulu often enough that’s for sure.

    I also wanted to note something to some of the reviewers I’ve seen on the site… this site is a FREE service, so complaining about not getting more episodes (which are controlled by their respective networks anyway) is asinine. If you want more content, buy the DVDs.

    Thank you, Hulu – you are doing a fantastic job!

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