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January 2nd, 2008 by Eric Feng

Interested in receiving automated updates about content at Hulu.com? Subscribe to one of our new RSS feeds.

Based on your feedback, we now offer RSS feeds for everything from Recently Added Videos and Recently Added Shows to our Most Popular Videos as ranked by our users Today, This Week, This Month and All Time. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for specific shows to be alerted of new episodes and clips as well as create custom feeds for specific search queries.

Check out our RSS feed page for more information. You can easily add our feeds to Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes, or any other RSS news reader to help keep up with the continuously growing selection of videos at Hulu.com (like our recently added selection of In Living Color clips):

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Last comment: Mar 4th 2017 33 Comments
  • There may be no “official” support for rss feeds anymore, but shows still have working rss feeds. You just need to find the show ID number and use it in the formula: http://www.hulu.com/feed/show/SHOW_ID_NUMBER GOES HERE/episodes

    Many shows’ feeds are listed here: http://www.paulscomputerservice.net/downloads/hulu-feeds.txt Not the most user-friendly thing in the world, but it does work. Hopefully hulu will bring back official support soon!

  • Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we don’t currently support RSS feeds, but you can always check out our latest content on our Recently Added page ( http://www.hulu.com/tv/new/episodes ). Hope that helps!

    Mallory C.
    Hulu Support

  • RSS Feeds are no longer available? Any plans of offering them again in the near future?

  • GOLDEN_ARMZ says:

    Please work with TVersity..

  • Thomas says:

    Question, I host a small, but growing, anime reference site. Recently I created a control that dynamically searches the feeds for full episodes of anime to be shown on my site through an AJAX search engine. As well dynamically create the inbound object controls through JavaScript to quickly show the videos on my site.

    My first question of course, is there anything wrong with this? Since it doesn’t go against the TOS, and hulu provides a media link directly in the RSS tags which is used to direct the content within the players. I don’t think this would be an issue at all since I’m not altering the code and I’m providing direct links to hulu content so the user can choose to either watch the video on my site, or link directly to hulu. Not to mention hulu gets all of the ad revenue.

    Also, if this is allowed, why doesn’t hulu promote this? Think of how many web hobbyist and developers would kill for a quick and easy solution to view free legal eps right on their site without redirecting their users, right on your website, and in the process hulu gets full credit. It took me only an hour or two to create the simple RSS script, and it would be highly lucrative for hulu to promote this usage since it would explode over the net.

    It’s the same as with Google’s AJAX Language API which will allow sites in the future to dynamically translate code without redirects or frames. I feel the future of the web will not be through quick and easy web extensions, but through dynamically linking up to other live sites to perform all of their tasks. Hulu is in a rare position to do this and they should take full advantage of it, and RSS feeds are one of the best ways to do this.

    I apologize for the lengthy comment, but it just seems like an idea that is too good to pass up.

  • andrefiji says:

    One more vote for hulu on tversity!

  • Android says:

    I agree, hulu on TVersity would be nice.

  • Ben says:

    ya…lets get some tversity support here

  • Matt Smith says:

    Is there any way to get more than 10 results back on the search results RSS feeds? I love the idea, but do you have a query string that can extend the number to 15 or 20? Thanks!

  • plooger says:

    Would love to get access to Hulu through XBMC.

  • Ben says:

    I agree with Corey. If I can stream this content to my TV using my 360 or some other media extender then this might actually be worth it. TVersity would be a nice way to do this if it was supported by Hulu. It will probably never happen though

  • Corey says:

    Any chance you might add RSS feeds with the SWF files linked as enclosures? This would allow someone to watch the clips easily on a XBOX 360 or many other enhanced media center device (just got a DLINK DVD player that can support rss feeds like this too). TVersity imports YouTube clips like this. I know I’d watch Hulu a lot more if I could get it into my living room.

  • Michael M says:

    No High Def?
    No RSS feeds (of the videos)?
    No international viewing?
    No downloading?

    So this is like standard def TV on a computer?

    I mean, I’m glad that it’s on demand, but I might as well just get a Tivo or MythTV box so I can watch the stuff on my TV.

  • AP says:

    Hey –

    I know its Beta – but how about adding to the episodes already there. Its a waste of time if you put up only one season out there – and its also the sign that the studios are not yet ready to commit all their resources to this venture.

  • Matt says:

    You guys are right HULU’s show expire after a certain amount of time one RSS feed HULU needs to give us is the removed content feed and possibly a notification via email when a show is about to expire.

    The reason shows expire is so the networks can still have thier distribution Windows for DVD ,iTunes, and overseas syndication .

    The reality is that you can get most of these shows over p2p networks and globally for a long time as long as a show is seeded .The Networks and HULU need to work out how to monetize the Grey Market with appropriate non intrusive targeted advertising and they might just succeed in their battle against “piracy”…

  • Matt says:

    Like the the RSS feeds even if Joost has had them forever now can you get rid of those silly post rolls they are very annoying and give us more Adbugs and I might be less annoyed .Even Mid rolls Ad spots are annoying but overlay Adbug in the bottom 1/3 of the screen I can interact with might just catch my attention .

  • Jim says:

    I have noticed that some episodes are expiring (in particular Chuck). Since there are currently no new episodes being made any chance some of the old episodes could be reinstated?

  • ttttt says:

    Is there a reason episodes seem to be disappearing? Arrested Development, for example, suddenly only has clips rather than full episodes.

  • Mateo says:

    I would love to use all of this but when I try to login it says. “username has been blocked”, does anyone know what this means? I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary… at least not that I know. If anyone knows where the hulu book of rules is please let me know. RSS Feeds is a really cool idea, I was using them with my account and they worked great. I could keep up with Psych and Conan Obrien.

  • Norberto says:

    After searching for a show and applied some filter like Type = Episode to show only episodes, the RSS result ignores these filters.
    Also, I would like the RSS feed in a format like the search results, containing more detailed information for the videos like runtime, thumbnail image, available time and season and episode numbers.

  • Kim says:

    I have an idea for a show you may think of trying to get the rights to show… Alf. My daughter is only 12 yrs old and saw a clip on Tv. I bet she would like it. One for me… Old school but still…. is… Mork and Mindy. Love Robin Williams.

  • thegrimmling says:

    WHat happened to all the Sci-Fi Channel shows and why is the new Terminator series not on here?

  • Jello B. says:

    It would be best if the RSS feeds for the specific shows had the newest items at the top instead of the bottom. As it is, you can’t see the newest items on some readers.

  • thegrimmling says:

    I would really like to see a comment section added to our profiles and maybe also private messaging. Being only able to write 1 review on a show annoys me when a later review responds to one I already made I cannot respond to.

  • Lord Jezo says:

    What happened to all the SciFi channel shows?

  • Jason says:

    Why isn’t the embed function working?

  • Jessica says:

    I enjoy the site alot as well, I live by an airport and have a very bad signal so its great to see my favorite shows online, but in regards to the previous question i was aware you received a portion of the online costs from the advertisers in the shows, such as E-surance and Tresime,? or is it a form of advertising shows so viewers are more eager to watch the shows on a regular basis??

  • Sara says:

    I’m enjoying the site a lot, but I just can’t help but wonder when the beta is over, will this become a pay-to-use site? How much? Or will it be ad-supported? How do you plan to make money, which is obviously the point in the long run, right?

  • Marko says:

    Can u please stop gettin more content and mby include EUROPE in this program… I’m dying to see some of my favorite series … PLEASE work on it … Or at least do you plan to expand to other continents or only USA?

  • Baffled says:

    How does one search for a TV show from your web site? It has a username and password login field, but no “Register” web page.

  • Erik Svendsen says:

    Love the RSS feeds! Thank you!

  • Matthew Keeney says:

    Thank you so much for the rss feeds. I have been waiting for a recently added feed!

  • Nice additions! In Living Color is one of my favorite shows of all time! Keep up the great work!